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The mascara makes the eyelashes look thicker, creates a stunning, intense curl and XXL volume. Thanks to the moveable bristles of the volume kaleidoscope brush, which are staggered in a serrated shape, the VOLUME SUPREME MASCARA 2019 creates long, think eyelashes already after the application. If you apply the mascara multiple times, the you can significantly increase your eyelash volume. The flexible rubber brush separates the eyelashes perfectly and fans them out – without them sticking or clumping together. This creates an irresistibly beautiful eye shape. With the narrow tip of the brush, you can also effortlessly apply mascara to the tiniest eyelashes. The VOLUME SUPREME MASCARA 2019 is smudge-proof and ultra long-lasting. The mascara lasts up to 10 hours without smearing. Simultaneously, the mascara nourishes your eyelashes with a well-balanced combination of valuable waxes.

Artdeco Volume Supreme Mascara

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