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Highlights & Colours

 We are Colour Specialist's.

Our colour service begins with a full consultation to discuss your current shade, hair condition, history and expectations. Our chosen colour partners are Redken & Wella. Both Wella and Redken have proven track records with innovation and safety. We have a full range to accommodate your needs. Be it a classic single process colour, a complete colour change or a specialist technique like balayage we can help you. Let our experts guide you on your colour journey.  


Thinking of changing your colour?

We would advise you to arrange a consultation a few days before your appointment to meet with your stylist to discuss your needs. Your stylist will give you a skin test and may take some samples of your hair so you can preview your result. We will always be honest and realistic it what we can create for you, taking into account your current colour, hair condition and lifestyle. You must have a patch test 48 hours prior to your appointment. Our Colour & highlight services do not include a toner or Cut or Finish so please add them to your booking. All our prices are a starting price if you have very thick hair or very long hair you may incur surcharge to cover the cost of any extra product used. We charge a small amount for a consultation to cover our time and cost of any products. If you decide to go ahead with your colour appointment this will be credited against your final bill.


Single Process Colours

Hair Line Root Retouch - 15 minutes - £22.00

Root Retouch from - 30 minutes - £38.50

Root Retouch & Glaze from - 30 minutes - £45

Scalp Bleach from - £49

Creative Colour

Priced on consultation, includes:

Face framing, hand painting, foliage, balayage & colour corrective work 

Our highlights are custom designed for you and your style. We charge for our time and product used. Different placements and techniques are required for certain looks, some take longer to do. If you have thick long hair for example we will need a lot longer for a traditional full head of highlights.

 Our prices are just a guide, for a more accurate quote please book a consultation.


15 minutes from - £28.00

Great if you just want a touch up for your parting or some placed around your hair line

 30 minutes from - £42

Enough time for a T-section or some scattered lights

 45 minutes from - £46.00

Traditional half a head or some slices or scattered lights

1 hour from - £56.00

Traditional full head, weaves or slices

1 hour 15 minutes - from £66.00

Traditional full head on thicker hair

Highlights with Colour

Discounted highlights are available with a full head colour, this is not a stand-alone service please ask for a consultation.

Parting with Colour -  from - £25

T-Section with Colour from  - £38

Half Head with Colour - from  - £42

Full Head with Colour - from  - £50

 Toners are an extra charge


If you have had lightener you need a toner, trust us! The toners we use are acid balanced to your hair and ammonia free. It will seal your hair, deposit a beautiful tone and leave your hair in great condition. All prices are from and meant as an approximate guide

Toner from - £22

Conditioning Treatments

Deep Nourishing Mask - 15 minutes - £8.50

Redken Acidic Bond  - 15 minutes - £15

Redken Acidic Bond Long hair - 15 minutes - £25

Redken 5 minute Repair mask from £10

Olaplex with Colour Service - 20 minutes - £16.50

Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment - 30 minutes - £25

Treatments only available with cut & style or colour/highlight appointments

So what is Olaplex?

The bonds in our hair (these are called disulphide bonds) can become broken during heat styling, brushing and chemical services. We can re-connect these bonds using OLAPLEX.

OLAPLEX is a single ingredient that LINKS broken disulphide bonds in the hair.


We can add OLAPLEX to your bleach or colour to strengthen and re-link any broken or displaced disulphide bonds. 

We use OLAPLEX to DRAMATICALLY REDUCE breakage and make your colour last longer.

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