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Nail Services

We offer a full range of nail services at our ground floor nail bar.  Whether you would like an express grooming service, a luxury manicure or a full set of design nail extensions we can meet your needs. 

Our highly qualified technicians will assist you on what is best for your nails and help you in any way possible to make sure you're happy with your nails.

We choose to partner with industry leading brands like CND Shellac, Bio Sculpture Gel & Light Elegance Gel. All of our brands have there own research and development chemists and manufacture ethically with your health as a top priority. What is inside our products really does matter.

  ​So which service is best for you? 

Gel Polish & BIAB Nails

Nail services  what is the difference?


Gel polish - great for strong natural nails,  this has a thin quick release base coat and can be removed by acetone or an e-file.

We have CND Shellac or P+ by Light Elegance.

10-14 days of wear


Builder gel - nail service is a step up from regular gel polish, this provides extra strength and structure over the natural nails. If your nails are weaker, split, flake or just won't grow this is for you . Builder gel  can be infilled and a new colour applied. Builder gel is knows largely as BIAB, which essentially means a builder gel in a bottle.

We use Light Elegance Jimmy Gel.

14-28 days of wear

Bio Sculpture Gel Manicure - premium gel service with a large choice of gels to strengthen and promote healthy nail growth. Perfect for you if your nails tend to split, are brittle or just break. This gives a protective coating over your natural nails. We can also lengthen with silk sculptures.

Hard Gel Manicure - a natural nail overly in hard gel is perfect for clients who are hard on their nails. Infills are required every 3/4 weeks.


Nail Extensions for instantly longer nails - infills are required every 3/4 weeks. We can use Light elegance hard gels and also Bio Sculpture gel.


Simply Gel Polish from - £30

Builder Gel & Single Colour from - £33

Bio Sculpture Gel Manicure from - £36

Hard Gel Manicure from - £40

Please note that repairs, silk extensions, glitter, French & nail art is charged extra

Add on services:

Split or broken natural nail? 

Silk repairs with above £2.00 per nails

Nail tip with above £3.00 per nail


Nail Art - Please pre-book - can include French, ombre, stamping and freehand

Add Glitter or pigments to any of the above £3.00

Stamping & Art from £3.00

Hand painted nail art from £8.50

French from £5.00

Layered designs from £5.00

Gel Removal Only - 30 minutes - from £15

Our removal service includes an express manicure, only applicable to our own application

Single Gel Polish Repair £7.50

PLEASE NOTE: If you have another salons work on we will be happy to access and if we can we will infill or remove this may be at an extra cost.

Nail Extensions

Chose our nail extensions to lengthen your natural nails. We can use a variety of products and techniques including Tips &  Sculptures.

Everyone is an individual and so are your nails, we offer hard gels & soft gel options. We always lay down a protective base layer first. The health of your natural nails is always a priority. 

Nail Extensions inc single colour gel polish from - £40.00

Infills 2-3 weeks single colour from - £38.00

Long nail or change of shape will incur an extra charge for the time required.

Removal and New Set from - £55.00

Removal only including an express manicure of our own work - £20.00

Extreme length on consultation

Please allow plenty of time for your nail service

PLEASE NOTE: If you have another salons work on we will be happy to access and if we can we will infill or remove this may be at an extra cost.


Let our therapist look after your hands. Be it a quick grooming session with our express service or a full luxury spa manicure. Why not add gel polish to finish your service?  Please note that if you chose a classic polish you will need to allow time for your nails to dry.

Intensive Manicure - £28 allow 45 minutes


If you have neglected your nails, maybe your cuticles are very dry and messy, you are a nail biter who wants to improve the look of your nails? Includes intensive cuticle work, nail shaping, exfoliation, cuticle oil & hand cream. Finished with a clear coat of strength treatment. 


Spa Manicure & Classic Polish - £23.50 allow  45 minutes 

Spa Manicure & Gel Polish - £33.50 allow  1 hr 15 mins

Our luxury spa manicure starts with a thorough hand and arm exfoliation and a divine hand and arm massage, Your skin is then smothered in rich butter & dipped in our paraffin bath, then snuggled into mitts to allow penetration to soften and hydrate your skin. Followed by our signature nails shaped, cuticles tidied, and your chosen finish

Express Grooming

Express Manicure -£14 allow 15 minutes

Includes basic nail shape, cuticles tidied, and hand cream.

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