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Lashes and Brows...

From a simple tint or a custom hd brow we have you covered. The difference our lashes and brows make to our faces and our confidence is always worth the investment.

Please attend all brow and lash appointments with clean, make up free lashes/brows.


LVL Lashes

Lash lifting is a total game changer in lash treatments. It's a care free very effective treatment. Your natural lashes are lifted and tinted, opening your eyes up. Lash lifting is a celebrity favourite and for good reason. Depending on your lashes natural growth you should get a good 4-6 weeks from your lash lift.

Lash Lift & Tint - £40

Strip Lashes - 15.00

A great addition to finish your make up

Party Lashes - £25

With care party/weekend lashes will last a good few days. You can have them natural or fuller.


Please attend all lash appointments with clean make up free eyes and lashes.

Classic Lashes 

Single lash extensions applied to individual natural lashes along the upper eyelid. The number depends on the look you want and how many suitable natural lashes you have that are treatable.


Infill from £30

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrids are a beautiful mixture of classic and Russian fans creating a natural but fuller look, russians are individual lashes turned into a fan of lashes to add volume and create a glamorous look


Infill from £40

Russian Lashes

Russian volume lashes 3 lashes fanned and applied per useable lash.


Infill from £45

Mega Volume Lashes

Russian volume lashes 4/5/6 lashes fanned onto useable lashes.


Infills: Infills are recommended within 2-3 weeks of your last treatment. You will need at least 50% of your lashes left or it will be charged as a full set. Please attend with clean makeup free lashes.

HD Brows


We pride ourselves on offering the very best HD Brow treatment.

Your brows are unique to you and we assess your face shape, colouring and existing brows before creating a bespoke brow, tailored exclusively for you. 

HD Brows - 45 minutes - £30

HD Brows Express (no tint) - 30 minutes - £25

Patch test required for tint 48 hours prior to service

Other Brow and Lash Services

Brow Shape  - £11.50

Brow Tint  - £12

Brow Shape & Tint  - £20

Brow Shape, Tint and Lash Tint - £30 

Lash and brow tinting - £25

Lash Tint - £15

Brow Lamination including shape & tint £40

All tinting, lifting and lamination required a patch test is required 48 hours prior to your appointment.

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