Re-opening 13/04/21

We are happy to announce that we will re-open 13/04/21 

All being well we will re-open. We are now taking bookings.


Please email me at to reserve an appointment. Title your email - Appointment request, please include your full name.

Please note that if you are having an on scalp colour service or a toner you will be required to come for a skin test a minimum of 48 hours before your appointment. 

We will require a BOOKING FEE as we had quite a few people letting us down with very little notice during our very busy time. Once your appointment is confirmed nearer the time we will contact you to arrange a booking fee and a time and day for your skin test. 

Please ensure you attend as if you do not your booking fee is non refundable and we will not be able to perform your service.


Thank you for your understanding


We are looking forward to seeing you


At this time all information will be on our social media and via email.

Take care

From Tracy, Chloe, Jess & Maggie